Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Foundation do?

The Porter County Community Foundation Gathers generosity from people all over Porter County, Grows it in permanent endowment funds, and Gives that growth away every year, forever - all for the Good of our community.

Can anyone donate to a community foundation?

Yes. Gifts of all sizes make a difference. You can decide how your gift will be used. 

A little goes along way. Watch this video to see what it would look like for our community if we all just gave a little bit.

How is the Porter County Community Foundation different from United Way?

The two organizations complement one another, yet each is uniquely positioned to fill a distinct role. United Way focuses on raising and distributing resources for immediate use, while the Foundation gathers generosity for the purpose of investing it to grow for the future. Both are important. 

Why shouldn't I just give directly to each nonprofit organization?

If you are supporting a local nonprofit, we urge you to continue your support as that organization relies on you to help provide their services. The Foundation provides a way to make your support last forever. Creating an estate plan that includes a gift to an endowed fund is the ultimate expression of your love for our community.  The Foundation has the expertise to efficiently and effectively manage your endowed gift for the benefit of one or more charities of your choice.

What kinds of gifts does the Foundation accept?

The Foundation is very flexible. You can give in traditional ways, such as cash or stocks, but you can also give life insurance, real estate, or retirement benefits. There are even ways to make a gift that enables you or your family to draw an income from your gift. You can enjoy tax savings today and peace of mind for the future, knowing that you have made a difference. Donors have contributed many amounts – from $2 to $3 million!

Click to read more about the different ways to give. 

Why should I give to the Porter County Community Foundation?

The Foundation enables you to support so many worthwhile organizations in your own community – organizations you choose. Because endowed gifts remain forever, they truly help to transform local nonprofit organizations – enabling organizations to focus on delivering valuable services. This long-term support is a great way to ensure these organizations last as long as your gift – forever.

Are contributions to the Porter County Community Foundation tax deductible?

Yes.  The Porter County Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.