Sparking the Arts was created by the Foundation to foster a more visible role for the arts in Porter County which, in turn, can create a richer, more beautiful quality of life for our citizens. Our goal is to support and promote the arts in Porter County by awarding annual grants and, at the same time, build an endowment fund to support the arts forever.

Sparking the Arts seeks to: Promote public performances or displays of art works in Porter County; Enhance the capacity of arts organizations and the arts community; Promote artistic quality; Foster and support local talent of all ages through art organizations; and Inspire community pride.

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images

Your gift will help make Porter County a culturally rich community where artistic expression is celebrated.


Click here to meet the Sparking the Arts Grant Recipients of 2017

  • 4th Street Theater
  • Art Barn School of Art
  • Frontline Foundations
  • Pines Village Retirement Communities
  • Town of Burns Harbor