Professional Advisors

We value your role in helping your clients build their wealth and make the best use of their resources. 

Philanthropy can play an important role in planning but the conversations can be tough and the decisions important.  For over 20 years, we have been helping professional advisors like you guide their clients to leave a lasting legacy for the good of our community. 

We are available to talk with you and your clients about options for making their generosity last.

Show those who trust you, just how much you care by helping them maximize their power to do good.


Have you ever wondered what just 5% of something looks like?  Check out this awesome video to see what just 5% could mean for our community.

Types of Funds

The Porter County Community Foundation provides the administrative framework and asset management to allow donors to make lasting contributions to support a wide variety of local charitable causes. The Foundation can help you serve your clients by establishing any of the following types of funds:

Unrestricted Funds

Your clients can use their gift to meet ever-changing community needs including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time the gift is made. The flexibility of an unrestricted gift enables the Foundation to respond to the community's most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.

Donor Advised Funds

This fund is a perfect choice for clients who wish to have ongoing involvement in the use of their gift. Donors may work with the Foundation staff, identifying ways to use dollars from the Donor Advised Fund to address the issues and needs they care about most.

Field of Interest Funds

Your client can target a gift to address needs in a specific area of community life, such as the arts, scholarships, seniors, or youth. Once your client names the field of interest, the Foundation’s board awards gifts from the fund to benefit agencies and programs making a difference in the client’s area of interest.

Designated Funds

Your client can direct your gift to a specific agency or purpose. Your client identifies the recipient(s) to benefit through the gift and Foundation staff manages the annual distribution of funds.

Scholarship Funds

Your client can create a named scholarship through the Foundation as a way to assist students and honor family, friends or someone special. Your client is able to create the criteria for the educational scholarship.



For more information about how the Foundation can help you serve your clients, please contact:

Bill Higbie, President & CEO

Bill Higbie