Donor Spotlight: Dr. John & Linnea Forchetti

Dr. John and Linnea Forchetti both grew up in Pennsylvania. After graduating from Villanova University, John worked as a lab tech at Methodist Hospital while attending Jefferson Medical School. Linnea was studying to become a nurse at Methodist Hospital when she met John. The two started dating and married in 1961 during John’s last year of medical school.

Dr. John and Linnea Forchetti

Dr. Forchetti served as a medical doctor with the US Navy in the 1960s. Upon returning from the Navy, the couple became Hoosiers when they settled in Chesterton. Dr. Forchetti worked for 8 years in family practice before he returned to school to specialize in cardiology. Linnea was a nurse at St. Anthony’s Hospital where she was a member of the first nurse practitioner class in Lake County. Dr. Forchetti was a founder and partner with Northwest Indiana Cardiovascular Physicians. He also established the PACE Program (a running group for patients of open heart surgery) as part of the cardiac rehab program at what would become Porter Regional Hospital. 

As an avid runner and a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, he encouraged and inspired others to do the same. He has completed 38 marathons, running his first in 1978 and his last at age 65. Dr. Forchetti was the Chesterton High School football team physician for over 40 years. In 2003, he was inducted into the Indiana High School Football Hall of Fame for his dedication and years of service with the Trojans.

Today, Dr. Forchetti is a Master Gardener, a civil war buff, and he raises bees with his long-time friend, Tom Roberts. Linnea volunteers with Table of Plenty at St. Pat's in Chesterton, a program that she helped start. The Forchetti’s have 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

Both with a strong passion for the medical field and our community, John & Linnea decided they wanted to do something special for both. Together, they started the Dr. John and Linnea Forchetti Family Nursing Scholarship Fund. This endowed fund will provide financial support to those actively pursuing a nursing degree. What a wonderful legacy of generosity and kindness!

Setting up a named scholarship fund is a great way to show support for youth in Porter County. Your scholarship fund will make a difference in the lives of students, helping them pursue their passion and easing the burden of educational costs. It is also a great way to honor or remember a loved one.