The Men’s Fund

 No Event NOvember

100 men - $100 to help support the newly created Men’s Fund at the Porter County Community Foundation.

How Does it Work?

No event. No chicken dinner. Guys, you can make a difference and give back to our community (without leaving the comfort of your couch!)

The goal - 100 guys each give $100. With a minimum donation of $100, you get to vote on which one of the 3 randomly selected nonprofits will receive a $5,000 Christmas present. The remaining amount will be endowed in the Men's Fund to continue helping future generations - forever.

It's easy, here's what you do…

1. Donate online by clicking the button below (from your kitchen table).

2. Receive an email after November 13 with a link to Vote on the nonprofit you’d like (from your couch).

3. Feel great about doing something to help others!

The check will be presented as a Christmas gift to the selected nonprofit (you can even join us for the delivery if you’d like!) plus we will sign your name to the card that will be delivered with the gift.

That’s it! You can easily make a difference in Porter County (without having to put on a suit and tie).