Girls' Giving Fund

Our Mission

Empower young givers with the knowledge that we can make a difference and experience the joy of giving.

Will You Join Us?

Start your journey today by deciding to make a difference. Select a fun and safe way to raise funds with your parent’s supervision; be creative!

Once you’ve reached your goal of $100, turn in your donations to the Porter County Community Foundation and then you’re officially a member of the Girls’ Giving Fund for that calendar year. But no need to stop at $100; every dollar counts!

Along the way, encourage your friends to join you and experience the joy of giving too.

The fun continues in October when you get to select which organization will receive the money from the Girls’ Giving Fund. 

Who We Are

We are the future of Porter County! We are a group of young women in Porter County who realize we all have the power to do good and to make our community a better place. 

Our goal is for each young woman to raise $100 on their own and to encourage other young women to do the same. Money raised for the Girls’ Giving Fund will be given away each year to help Porter County charities. 

What Guides the Girls’ Giving Fund?

  • Educating ourselves on the needs of the community.

  • Educating our peers on the power of working & giving together.

  • Making decisions using our heads and our hearts as we fund projects benefiting Porter County charities.

  • Being empowered with the knowledge that we can make a difference.

Save the Date!

Info Night – Thursday, April 11, 2019 @ 5:30

Grant Celebration – Tuesday, October  15, 2019 @ 5:30


Meet the 2018 Members!

  • Saanya Agarwal

  • Mina Rose Arulandu

  • Lilly Boyter

  • Rachel Cohen

  • Sylvia Coslov

  • Carlie Fisher

  • Carys Fleming

  • Gretchen Hildebrand

  • Katherine Jegen

  • Taylor Kisic

  • Ella Kissinger

  • Lauren Kroft

  • Maddison Lopez

  • Macey Mauke

  • Peighton Metcalf

  • Parker Metcalf

  • Riley Pacilio

  • Caroline Patton

  • Gracie Pejic

  • Katie Plath

  • Gabriella Raffin

  • Lexi Giselle Sorgic

  • Stella Stewart

  • Lindsey Stott

  • Avery Tegt

  • Emree Watkins


Interested in learning more about the Girls' Giving Fund? Contact Bonny today!

Bonny Hildebrand, Director of Development & Stewardship


Bonny Hildebrand