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Impact Porter County Overview

 Introduced in 2007, Impact Porter County is an active giving circle through the Porter County Community Foundation. We are women helping women reach their full potential. Our mission is to empower women to dramatically improve their lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact.

Each year women are invited to support the mission with an Impact contribution to the Women’s Fund. The goal is simple, yet ambitious: Raise $100,000 annually, half of which is given away each year in two high-impact grants to advance women in Porter County; half is endowed through the Women’s Fund at the Porter County Community Foundation to continue helping women forever.

Watch how the Women's Fund is making a difference today.

Look what you made possible in 2017! Thank you for being awesome!

Women's Fund 2017 Recap

How to Get Involved

Joining Impact Porter County as a member means contributing $1,000 or more each year toward empowering other women. Your membership entitles you to an equal vote in deciding which organization is awarded a high-impact grant and an open invitation to have an active role on an Impact committee.

Make A Difference! Become a Member of Impact Porter County.

Should you find that a donation of this magnitude is in your heart but beyond your individual means, we invite you to make whatever gift you can to the Women’s Fund. Your gift will join those of others to have a lasting, positive impact on the causes of women in Porter County.

2017 Impact Porter County Members

Impact members contribute $1,000 or more each year to the Women’s Fund and receive one vote to determine the nonprofit grant recipient. One hundred percent of our member donations benefit the community - in immediate grants or endowed funds.

Gift of Dreams

  • Mrs. Beth White


Gift of Opportunity

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Allen
  • Mrs. Kathryn McMillan


Gift of Promise

  • Mrs. Judy Leetz
  • Mrs. Emily Remster
  • Ms. Jacki Stutzman


Gift of Hope

  • Mrs. Kimberly Abbett
  • Mrs. Victoria Adik
  • Mrs. Michelle Alex
  • Ms. Diane Allwardt
  • Ms. Kathryn Anderson
  • Mrs. Jan-Marie Barsophy
  • Mrs. Lynn Bayman
  • Ms. Jeanette Binder
  • Mrs. Pat Bodensteiner
  • Ms. Carol A. Bowman
  • Mrs. Georgia A. Bricker
  • Mrs. Peggy Burnell
  • Ms. Nicky Calhoun
  • Mrs. Maggie Cobble
  • Mrs. Lila Cagen Cohen
  • Ms. Patricia S. Crise
  • Mrs. Cara J. Carrabine-Dalton
  • Mrs. Suman Das
  • Mrs. Joanna Donovan
  • Mrs. Mary Ennes
  • Mrs. Laura Evans
  • Ms. Mary Ann Feller
  • Mrs. Kaye Frataccia
  • Mrs. Stephanie Gerdes
  • Mrs. Laura Gerhardt
  • Ms. Minakshi Ghuman
  • Mrs. Beth Gough
  • Dr. Cynthia Grundy
  • Mrs. Carol Hall
  • Mrs. Laura Harting
  • Mrs. Karen Hartman
  • Mrs. Julia Hess
  • Mrs. Marguerite Hill
  • Mrs. Tiffany Irving
  • Mrs. Susie Jaskowiak
  • Mrs. Karen Johnson
  • Susan Kelly-Johnson
  • Mrs. Stephanie L. Jones
  • Mrs. Teresa Karp
  • Mrs. Candace Kilpinen
  • Mrs. Catherine C. Kozelka
  • Mrs. Lee Lane
  • Mrs. Heather K. Lynch
  • Mrs. Martha Martz
  • Mrs. Mary Marvel
  • Mrs. Jane Maxwell
  • Ms. Denise McDermott
  • Ms. Ruth Ann McWhorter
  • Mrs. Ellen B. Meyer
  • Mrs. Carey Morrisson
  • Mrs. Heather Olson
  • Ms. Leslie Plesac
  • Mrs. Alison Quackenbush
  • Mrs. Barb Regnitz
  • Mrs. Debbi Reynolds
  • Ms. Terra Reynolds
  • Mrs. Nancy Scannell
  • Mrs. Annmarie Severson
  • Mrs. Jan Snyder
  • Mrs. Jeanne Sommer
  • Ms. Maureen Stombaugh
  • Mrs. Pat Swanson
  • Ms. Cinda L. Urschel
  • Mrs. Joanne Urschel
  • Mrs. Jennifer Vidimos
  • Mrs. Kathleen Walsh
  • Ms. Katharine E. Wehling
  • Mrs. Beth Welter
  • Ms. Margaret Williford
  • Ms. Barbara A. Young