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Echo Society

Those who choose to create a legacy by making a planned or estate gift are named to the Echo Society. Just as an echo is a lasting sound, the Echo Society is a way for you to leave a lasting legacy.

The Echo Society honors the extraordinary generosity of those who make an endowed lifetime gift or leave all or a portion of their assets to the Foundation through a will or estate plan. These funds are endowed and only the earnings are used, so the funds continue working for the community forever.

If you would like to talk with the Foundation about establishing an endowment through a planned or estate gift, contact us. You can also find sample bequest language in the Advisors section.

We thank the following friends for joining the Echo Society:

Susan Adams
Walter and Dorothy Ailes
Drs. John and Susan Avery
Dr. Maurice P. Avery, Jr.*
John and Mary Ann Bauer*
Meredith “Buzz” Berg*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Berner
Mr.* and Mrs. Bryce Billings
The Quentin A. Blachly Family
Carol Ann Bowman
The Kenneth A. Brist Family
Martin Buinicki and
Andrea Proulx Buinicki
Deb Butterfield
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Campbell
Robert and Betty Campion
Peter and Rosann Candela
Richard and Gloria Cornman
Greg and Carol Costakis
Ms. Patricia S. Crise
Janet M. Davis*
Luella DeWulf
Don and Elaine Dick
James and Catherine Douglas
Earl & Marjolet Duffin*
Joseph C. Durand*
Mark and Mary Ennes
Robert Espie
Dan and Sue* Farrell
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Felton
Gary Fischer and Judy Fischer
Damien and Rita Gabis
Mrs. Irene Gasper
Robert and Bobbi Gasser*
Minakshi Ghuman
Charley and Del Gillispie
Eugene and Marilyn Glick
Earl Grieger*
Lee Grogg
Duane and Christine Hamacher
Jim and Donna Hannah
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hardin*
Terry and Linda Hardin
Alan and Diane Harre
Laura Harting
Ms. Carolyn J. Hartley
Margaret “Sis” Heinhold*

Marie Heinold*
Elmer* and Bea Hess
Fred* and Marjorie Hess
Frederick and Julia Hess
Bill and Karen Higbie
Martha Hoeppner
Wilma Homer*
Ethel V. Horton*
Peter G. Horton
Wilbur Hutchins*
Jim and Bev Hutton
Mildred Johnson*
Michael and Stephanie Jones
Larry and Jerilyn Klemz*
Myron C. Knauff
Richard K. Kneifel
Richard P. Koenig*
Robert Koenig
Gregory Kolakowski*
Karl K. Krizmanic
Burt and Maureen Langer
C. Ruth Laube*
Dennis and Lillie Lauer
Keith and Diane Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Leetz
Bruce and Marilyn Lindner
Marge Lippert*
Joanne* and Wesley Maiers
Art* and Irene Malasto
Jane Maxwell
Dr. and Mrs. Larry McAfee
Stewart and Kathryn McMillan
Florence Melton*
James and Barbara Melton
Gertrude Meyerowitz*
Dave and Marion* Milligan
Andrew and Nancy Moats
Don and Peg Mohar
L. Dean and Mary Moore
Michael E. Moryl
Myrna Newgent
Sherry Ohlfest
Jacquelyn Fushimi Ostling
Tom and Evelyn Pappas*
John and Cathy Peterman
Leslie Plesac
Gladys Radtke*

Robert and Stephanie Read

Barb and Tim Regnitz
David and Shirley Remijan
Emily Remster
John Remster, Sr.*
Mark Reshkin
David and Debbi Reynolds
Clarence* and Margaret Rivers
Rankin Roberts IV*
Leslie and Donna Robinson*
Dr. Jerry and Linda Rodenbarger
David and Linda Rose
George* and Katherine
Rose Family
Edwin and Mary Russell
Sharon K. Sanelli
Cynthia J. Sausman
Timothy and Nancy Scannell
Robert and Elizabeth Schenck
Dr. David* & Phyllis Larson Schroeder
Mary Beth Schultz
Mark and Bonnie Seaman
John and Rin Seibert
Edgar and Marlynn* Senne
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Seykowski
John and Beverly Shroat
Dennis and Tammy Sikorski
Jan and Harley Snyder
Howard and Carol Struble
Ms. Jacki Stutzman
The Bill Tanke Family
Peter and Vicki Turek
George* and Judith Urban
Daniel and Joanne Urschel
Betty* and Bill Wagner
Doug and Jackie Watkins
Jack White*
Phyllis Wielgus
Arthur Willing*
Martha L. Willis
Eunice “Judy” Woidke*
Minerva B. Wuethrich*
Barbara A. Young
Mary A. Young*