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The Need: Porter County has hundreds of homeless people and nearly one in three are children. Risk factors, such as poverty and “doubling up” continue to rise, yet the supply of affordable housing isn’t keeping pace with the demand. The Foundation has partnered with other organizations to study local homelessness and find long-term solutions.

The Solutions: The Foundation supports organizations that improve shelter options for local residents, provide low-income housing, improve the safety of existing homes, and offer training to help transition people to stable living.


Success Stories

From Homeless to Homeowner

In 2002, Kelly a single mother to four boys was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Sadly, through all of her radiation, chemotherapy, and other treatment, the family lost their home. Take a look at how the Porter County Community Foundation helped Habitat for Humanity fund a project to give this mother and her family the opportunity to once again own their own home.

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