Circle of Promise

Melodee & Jim Kalinke | Circle of Promise Members

Melodee & Jim Kalinke | Circle of Promise Members

As a Circle of Promise donor, you ensure the Foundation has the resources to respond to the community’s most pressing needs. Each gift means the Foundation can work to positively impact more lives throughout Porter County.

The Circle of Promise recognizes the wonderful individuals, families and businesses who choose to support the Foundation with an annual gift of $1,000 or more.

Circle of Promise Members


Steve and Viki Adik


Scott and Nadine Ribordy

Kathleen and John Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Deno K. Yiankes


Jack and Jody Allen

Scott and Elizabeth Allen

Scott and Debbie Anselm

Andy and Sue Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Barsophy

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cender

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Cobble

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Elliott

Mary Ann Feller

Jess and Stephanie Gerdes

Mrs. Valeurie Grieger

Jeffrey and Carol Hahn

John and Laura Hannon

Laura Harting

Bill and Karen Higbie

Jonathan and Bonny Hildebrand

Mr. and Mrs. John Hinkey

Earle and Katherine Hites

David and Anita Hollenbeck

Harry and Helen Howisen

Sharon and Jim Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hutton

Michael and Stephanie Jones

Jim and Melodee Kalinke

Greta J. Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Leetz

Jeff and Kristin Lewis

Bill and Erica Maar

Mark T. and Christine R. Maassel

Mr. David Milligan

Kent and Holly Mishler

Ms. Sherry Ohlfest

Mrs. Emily Remster

Jim and Desila Rosetti

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schulz

Mark and Bonnie Seaman

Mike and Brenda Sheetz

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sommer

South Star Family Fund

Spero Valavanis

Vic and Donna Volom

Doug Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Weatherwax

Beth and Joe Wrobel

J. Michael and Nancy J. Yohe