Porter County Community Foundation

At the Porter County Community Foundation

we put the power to do good in your hands. Together we build a stronger Porter County.



The Foundation amplifies the power to do good by connecting you to the causes you care about. Together, we are the nonprofit that serves other nonprofits – creating grants and programs for good, and endowments forever.

What we do is simple: we help others do more for others. Yet we offer many options for giving and getting involved – options designed to help each person or organization help in their own way. Some people want to write an annual check while others wish to create an estate plan. We can help with both. Some wish to be involved in volunteering while others wish to remain anonymous. Some have a lot to give and some have a little. We’re here to help you find the best ways to make a positive impact in your community. Find out how your Foundation can help you be a philanthropist in your own way.